November 5, 2008

Right, wrong and rights

Wonderful - I mean really wonderful - fantastic and, to me, still a little bit unbelievable. Though Obama had my support from the get-go (or couldn't you tell?), I really didn't think this country would elect a black president in my lifetime. Even after he won primaries and caucuses, I doubted whether he could win the party's nomination, let alone a general election. I thought there were too many people across the nation who just wouldn't, couldn't, vote for a black man. Here's an understatement: Glad I was wrong.

Last night, I suppose, will be one of a small handful of those moments in my life about which I'll say, "I remember where I was when..." in 30 or 40 years.

My celebration of Obama's victory was tempered this morning, however, by other election news. I woke up this morning to a reminder that there really are plenty of people - more than 5.1 million in California alone - who still suffer from a paralyzing mix of fear, ignorance or a combination thereof. Here's what some of those people look like:

(Thanks to L.A. Times for the photo.)

Let's be clear: This a picture of people who are ecstatic that may of their fellow citizens will again be treated differently under the law, simply because of who they choose to spend their lives with. So, way to go, Jim Domen of Yorba Linda. I can see why you'd thrust your arms in the air as though you've just won the Super Bowl. I mean, you did an awesome job rescinding a basic civil right from thousands and thousands of California men and women just because... I give up. I'm at a complete loss. I hear the "threatening traditional marriage" argument and I don't understand what that means or how two gay people getting married has even a remote impact on your life.

I guess you can rest easy tonight, knowing that no more of those highly dangerous gay couples will be able to get married in California. Kind of like you could have rested easy last night, when gay marriage had absolutely no effect on anything you did. But whatever.


bugs said...

You Go! I am so proud of your thinking & am deeply discouraged by the vote as well.
But thank goodness for Obama.
Sorry, HPA. You must not have looked like those cheery fellows in the photo last night.

GlutenGirl said...

I was also excited, surprised, and generally in awe of the election results. That was until I went to walk my dog this morning and was stopped by the secret service because Obama's transition headquarters is literally half a block from my house and is next to the park where my dog does her business. Luckily my dog won them over with her cuteness.

Your escalator operator said...

B - thanks so much.
GG - maybe your dog could get to be friends with the new puppy that Barack promised his daughters. Think about it!

GlutenGirl said...

On a completely unrelated note I just hung out with Luke Russert (Tim Russert's son) at a club in D.C. and he was so nice. (oh, and I may be intoxicated as I write this)

Your escalator operator said...

That's pretty excellent. I only saw him twice on the election coverage - once Monday, once Tuesday - but I thought he was superb. Very polished and very informed.
Did the blog seem any funnier after a few drinks?

Anonymous said...

I can tell you how it is that gay marriage has such an impact on Jim Domen's life. I went to school with Jim Domen (we called him Jimmy back then). Jim Domen is gay. No joke. THAT'S why he's so excited to have defeated gay marriage, why he is so incredibly invested in this keeps him safely hidden in his shame to know that he is fighting off "gay" in a public forum. It's really pathetic and sad.