February 27, 2009

Aquarium design 101

I'm no aquarium architect, but I've gotta assume one of the first things you learn in aquarium architecture school is: Design the tanks so that the seafood... er, I mean, fish... can't open them.

If you're designing fish tanks for a living and you're getting outsmarted by an octopus - as happened this week at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium - it just might be time to find a different line of work. One other thought: It sure was nice of the AP reporter to refer to the mollusk as a "trickster" - you know, instead of referring to the tank designer as a "dumbass."


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Well, who put the water valve next to the tank containing the sea creature with the long, extending arms, huh?

And if I ever saw an octopus escape when I visited the aquarium, my head would freak off.

bugs said...

nicely put! (both EO & DGB!)

Stella B said...

So.... first of all, why can the tank be opened from the inside at all? Second, did anyone else read the first line of that article? Did it really say that the suspect was "armed". Sigh.

jacob said...

very funny steve xoxoxoxoxo