February 22, 2009

In hot water

One of the few things that's even better than a nice, hot shower is a nice, hot shower after the water in your apartment complex has been turned off for the previous 36 hours. I know because I just took such a shower.

At one point during our water-free weekend, I described the situation as "possibly the worst thing in the history of the world." Was that exaggerating? Well, maybe. In any case, I don't think I was too smelly by the end of the ordeal, but I did notice Sampson the Wondercat turn up his nose as he walked by me this morning.*

Anyway, if this ever happens to you and you live near LAX, it turns out the bathrooms at the Bristol Farms grocery store in Playa Del Rey are pretty nice.

* This sentence was added for comic effect and is not technically 100 percent true.


bugs said...

great comedic effect indeed.
since you always talk about how AWESOME the beach is & how WARM the weather is, why didn't you just jump in the damn ocean & bring a bar of soap?! (and shampoo & your hair products, too, obviously!) seriously, dude.
hardships, man. hardships.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

So let me get this straight......you took a shower at the grocery store??

Your escalator operator said...

B - Good idea about the ocean. Except that the water is cold in February and it's probably not particularly clean here. But maybe I'll do it anyway next time.

HPA - Welcome back. Almost - I used the sink the best I could to wash my hair. :)