February 26, 2009


Forgive the self-congratulatory nature of what you're about to read. But as I've written before, it's my blog, so pthththth.

Just wanted to let it be known, in case you're not keeping track, that this little slice of brilliance that I posted yesterday was my 250th post. I think at least six of them have been worth reading, but either way, 250 is a pretty impressive tally, if you ask me. (Or, in this case, if I ask me.)

I'm surprised I've stuck with it this long.

I'm probably forcing a connection here, but the element of surprise reminds me of the funniest thing a waiter said to me last year. (Ten points if you saw that segue coming.) My talented and beautiful wife and I were eating dinner at one of those places that's a half-decent-cafe-inside-a-swanky-movie-theater.

Part way through the meal, our server comes over to ask how we're enjoying the food.

Me: "It's really great!"

Waiter: "Wow! I'm as surprised as you are."



Daddy Geek Boy said...

Congrats on being so prolific.

bugs said...

more than 6 have been worth reading. if for nothing else, than the comedic value - so i think all 250 have been worth reading.

Your escalator operator said...

Awww, thanks you guys!
B - somewhere between 6 and 250, maybe.