February 10, 2009

Fairey warning

It was such a nice story - Shepard Fairey's Hope poster being adopted as the iconic, if unofficial, symbol of the Obama campaign. At least here in L.A., by early November, you couldn't get away from the image, which was fine with me. It also was probably fine with Shepard Fairey, who went from extremely-well-known-among-those-in-the-know to plain old extremely famous in the matter of a few months.

Yesterday's news that the Fairey image is now the subject of at least one lawsuit (with another possibly to come) takes a little bit of the shine off - although on the other hand, it also sort of feels like a big publicity stunt. But there's little doubt that the illustration will be around long after any of us.

Now, clearly, the Fairey design has taken on a life of its own. I recently wrote about one example. And today, happily, I stumbled upon another: Yes, people, you can make your very own Fairey-fied image of yourself. Or anyone else you happen to have in a digital photo.

Just go to the Obamaiconme page, upload your picture, and play around with the color palatte until you get the right mix of blue, red and yellow. You might have to register on the site to actually save your image, which... eh... but even if you skip that, it's a nice time-killer.

To give you a little inspiration, I made two of my own, using photos of my superawesome nephews. Max (he's Face) and Jacob look pretty good, don't they?

These guys would get my vote.


bugs said...

cutest kids I've seen. these are printed & hanging on the frig - classy all around.

Your escalator operator said...

Excellent! Glad you like them.

jakyas said...

That's beautiful. :)