February 26, 2009

This doesn't change Jon Kyl possibly being a moron

Courtesy of the ultrawonderful GlutenGirl, there's an update on the Washington Post site on yesterday's topic du jour - the challenges facing our nation's capital in its quest to get its very own representative in Congress.

Good sign that there's some progress, today, I guess. But it seems like our brilliant Senators can't just make it easy. Unless I'm missing something, their compromise seems to boil down to this: We'll give ya' your seat in the House, but we'd also like to encourage you to buy more guns. What could possibly go wrong there?

I think you and I both know whose idea this is.*

Thanks, GG!

* I don't really know whose idea it was, but if you take it to mean that there's a chance that Arizona Senator Jon Kyl came up with this horrendous plan, who am I to tell you otherwise?

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