March 4, 2008

Tiny bubbles

I was as shocked -- shocked, I tell ya' -- to learn this morning that the makers of Airborne have apparently agreed to settle a class-action law suit brought by a bunch of people (classy activists, apparently) who claim -- get this -- the product doesn't actually do anything to prevent or cure colds.


Hasn't anyone told these people that Oprah said the stuff was legit?

A New York Times blog today says that after a 2007 ABC news report that questioned Airborne's remarkable health-benefit claims, the lovable folks behind the cute little tubes of pellets-that-make-your-water-fizz-and-turn-green quickly removed said claims from their packaging and ads.

Guess so. The package that's sitting on my desk now ("Effervescent Health Formula") includes only a vague claim about the product: "The natural ingredients in Airborne's unique formulation reflect state of the art antioxidant, electrolyte, and herbal technology." Day-um. Now what am I supposed to do when I feel a cold coming on? Next, they'll tell us that Emergen-C (8000 percent of your daily vitamin C!) isn't actually that good for us, either.

I submitted a claim through the Airborne Settlement website so I can be reimbursed for some of my Airborne purchases over the last few years. Whatever settlement I get, I'll probably use it to buy more Airborne -- I love making my water all fizzy.


bethbrennerrose said...

you're wacko.

Loree said...

Ha, I may actually do this as well, although I kind of never really thought it was definitely going to keep me from getting sick. I just thought... hey, it can't hurt. I've been just taking Vitamin C supplements lately because they're cheaper and they taste like Flintstone vitamins.

Your escalator operator said...

On the topic of tasty OTCs, how about tropical fruit flavor smooth-disolve Tums!?!? Like candy.

Loree said...

Those are pretty tasty. I actually picked up a couple from the Tums tent at Daytona.

Anonymous said... - Visit us or die!