March 25, 2008

Endorse mint

People shouldn't be allowed to say they're endorsing a presidential candidate unless there's another clear option.

In other words, I still sort of care who's endorsing Clinton and who's endorsing Obama. Presumably the Democrats backing them aren't really considering McCain -- they're choosing which candidate from their party best suits their taste.

Which is why -- although I'm writing about it -- I really don't care that Nancy Reagan is "endorsing" John McCain. Did that end any amount of suspense for anyone?

I think anyone who's endorsing McCain at this point -- especially any die-hard Republican who has no other Republican choice left, and double-especially someone who was married to the Gipper -- missed the chance to endorse anyone. They may be backing him or they may have decided to vote for him, but I don't think they get to "endorse" him anymore.

It's like choosing teams for kickball and "endorsing" that unathletic kid who's the last one to get picked because, well, he's the only one left.

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Loree said...

I was the only kid left. Now I'm sad. Thanks for the morning cheer.