March 19, 2008

Ice, ice, baby

At last!

A reasonable answer to the question: Should I have a health-food shake or lots and lots of Ben & Jerry's, possibly with a side of Ben & Jerry's?

The authors probably don't mean for people to take their report as license to gorge themselves on New York Superfudge Chunk, and to think of it as a "healthy alternative" while they're doing it, but that's going to be my takeaway.

Quick aside: This reminds me of one of the best answers anyone ever gave me during an interview for an article. I asked an exec at Ben & Jerry's to tell me the worst suggestion anyone had ever given him for an ice cream flavor. Without skipping a beat, he offered, "Britney Spearmint."


Loree said...

Ha, it had to break your heart to see your beloved Jamba Juice on the list!

Your escalator operator said...

I admit I died a little bit inside. What kind of ice cream should I have to comfort myself?

Loree said...

Well, I love many ice creams, but since we're on the subject of Ben & Jerry's I'd go with Half Baked. Yum!

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

I think you will be ok with your beloved Jamba Juice as long you have a Diet Coke at some point in your day.It is well known that a Diet drink cancels out all other calories.

I love it when people go to a fast food joint and say the following: "I will have a number (insert favorite number here), super sized with a Diet Coke." That combination of words should be prohibited by law. Where is government intervention when you really need it!!!