March 18, 2008

Keep it in your pants

I actually don't have anything interesting to write (I know, it's shocking since everything else on SFTC is so captivating), but I have to get some new content up here because the Google Ad that's been running on SFTC the last few days is driving me nizzuts. (Oh, no I dihn't!)

Ever since the last post went up -- the one that was chiefly about John Ritter's doctors, but briefly mentions the name of Eliot Spitzer's favorite hooker -- the ad banner over there in the right column has been running a link to a website featuring info about and photos of Eliot Spitzer's favorite hooker. I can't mention her by name, lest the ad continue appearing. So I'm hoping an entry about something completely unrelated will get those tiny little Google Ad people inside my computer (how do they fit with these new thin screens?) to come up with a new banner that has nothing to do with Eliot Spitzer's favorite hooker.

Of course, having the word "hooker" in here three -- now, four -- times probably won't help the cause.

Ah well.

So that's a long-winded way of introducing this question: Can everyone just cut it out with the wacky cellphone ringers? Make it ring like a regular phone. No more Bon Jovi. No more songs-that-only-exist-because-someone-composed-them-as-ringtones. No more Fur Elise. Just make it ring like a regular phone. Then answer it. We get it. You have a cellphone. It rings. BFD. I don't care how jazzy your little electronic-toned melody is. Just stop.

Better yet, stick it in your pants and put it on vibrate, so nobody has to hear it at all.

That "stick it in your pants" thing is going to trigger some funny ads, too, isn't it?


Laura said...

I'm so glad this post directed me to an ad for Eliot Spitzer "Client #9" t-shirts. I never would have found this season's hottest look without it.

JBhumitra said...

uh oh ringtone is beast of burden! because the cell phone rings stress me out, so i had to put a song. but, im kind of sick of it now. only it apparently cost me $14 to add it in the first place (to go online on my phone and download it), so im not paying another $14 to change it to something else. maybe ill go with vibrate for a while like you suggest.

JBhumitra said...

speaking of cell phones, i should also mention that my last cell phone bill was $400. FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS! thats a lot of money for an unemployed person. i hate cell phone companies. im reminded of your sprint post.

Your escalator operator said...

Jaya, I think I am allowing your "Beast of Burden" ring. I've heard it several times and it actually made me smile. I stand corrected. But all the others need to go.

Loree said...

I'm actually trying to figure out what new ringtone I want for my phone. I've 99 Red Balloons since 2001, but I just switched to Verizone and they only have a cover version. Not good enough!

So now I'm thinking about using something by the imitable Notorious B.I.G.

I guess the point of my comment is to say that I don't subscribe to your "no ringtone is the best ringtone" policy.

Loree said...

Agh, there were like three typos in my first paragraph. I should read before I hit publish. Carry on!