March 27, 2008

Don't believe the snipe

Hillary and Barack were doing so well, coming up with all of the clever ways to explain mistakes they or their staffers have made thus far during the campaign.

At least for Senator Clinton, I think the streak is over.

I personally have never been caught in sniper fire, but I'm guessing that if I were, I'd remember it pretty clearly for approximately the rest of my life.

So Hill's inane ... what, exactly? ... apology? -- suggesting that she merely misspoke when she said that she faced grave danger (Nicholson: Is there any other kind?) during a 1996 visit to Bosnia -- was pretty ridiculous.

I'd disagree with her assertion that a "mistake" like this proves she's human. Seems like it proves she's a B.S. artist who'll say anything to get elected. That's probably true for all three and a half candidates, but I think this will stand as the stupidest misspeak of the 2008 primary season.

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Anonymous said...

NICE TO REMEMBER NICHOLSON SAYING THAT! right on! it's amazing what men remember - such trivial things...but, in this case, very nicely used in your writings...