March 24, 2008

Brain food

Two somewhat related thoughts on the topic of comestibles:

1) Thanks to Menchie's, a fro yo joint conveniently located a few miles from home, I've rediscovered the tasty goodness of Cap'n Crunch. The cereal, which I consumed by the box throughout college, is one of the approximately 800 toppings that Menchie's customers can slather on top of their frozen yogurt. And by "customers," I mean me.

Anyway, I can't really figure out what makes it taste so damn good -- the Quaker Oats web site refers to some nonsense about "sweetened corn and oat" blah blah blah, but I think those evil geniuses have actually invented some crazy superfood that doesn't really taste like anything grown on earth. Matters not.

The point is, Cap'n seems to go with every fro yo flavor I've tried. Last night, it was the perfect complement to a (small) bowl of coconut. Dare I call it coco fro yo?

I think I just did.

So next time you're looking for that certain something to play off of the subtle flavors of your own frozen dessert, buy yourself a box of Crunch and thank me later.

2) Here's how dumb I am.

One of the fro yo (OK, now it's getting annoying) flavors on tap at Menchie's last night was "original tart." I grabbed myself a little sample -- don't worry, Beth, you're allowed to sample -- and took a lick.

It was a little, well, tart. Mouth-puckeringly tart. And not entirely pleasant. I knew it tasted like something I'd eaten before, but I couldn't place it. Lemon custard? Not exactly. Lemon pudding that-has-been-left-out-too-long? No. What, then?

I gave Jenny a taste and she looked at me and said, "It tastes like yogurt."

Which was, of course, exactly right.

Somehow, that connection between the stuff that Dannon sells and the stuff you can slather with hot fudge and Cap'n Crunch was lost on me about 20 years ago.


Anonymous said...

not my favorite blog, but LOVE the mention of my name, so i'll let it go. turning into grandpa by sampling your way through the world?

Anonymous said...

(still can't figure out my username and/or password, so bugs will be anonymous for a bit. lack of brain cells due to childbirth. or stupidity. or both.)

Anonymous said...

and (still me) i forgot to tell you that i recently re-discovered cap'n crunch, too!!! only because they were on sale at the store + i had coupons so they were practically FREE, but we LOVE them! jacob & i have downed handfuls at a time for snacks. yummy!!! no fro yo crap to pour them on, just in our mouths. mmmmm. think i'm gonna grab some now. getting hungry just thinking about it.

JBhumitra said...

are we talking capn crunch peanut butter crunch or just regular? i'm neutral on the regular, but LOVE peanut butter crunch. is that a topping option? yummmmmm

Loree said...

I don't know that I've ever eaten Cap'n Crunch. Weird. Although the peanut butter version sounds pretty tasty.

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Ahhhhh, but where did you obtain that cereal during those college years?!?! Did it come from a legit source or did it come from that room with the unlocked door. Perhaps Beth knows what I am talking about.......

Your escalator operator said...

Beth - Jacob gets to eat sugar cereal? Wow, you're nice.

Jaya - regular Cap'n Crunch. But I also like the one with Crunchberries; they just don't have that at Menchies.

Loree - I can't fathom this assertion that you've never eaten Cap'n Crunch. Please go get some.

HPA - Well, most of it was legitimately obtained from the lucite cereal dispenser thingies. I probably borrowed a box from the Danforth pantry once in a while. Ha!