March 26, 2008

For a good time, call

If the cops had killed this asshat instead of just wounding him, I'd call it natural selection.

So, for our purposes, it's just a story about an unbeliveably stupid would-be criminal. He was apparently too stupid to be an actual criminal.

I swear the reporters have to be inventing this stuff. People can't really be this moronic, can they?


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

All you have to do is sit in my office for a day or talk to my staff and you will find that most of them are really that stupid. One of my favorite lines from a Law & Order episode is when Jerry Orbach states, "thank god they are all so stupid."
Hey EO, did I ever tell you the true story of the client who swiped his shoppers club card at the store before trying to rob it?? True story.

Your escalator operator said...

Great story about the club card -- that definitely fits right in -- and I love the Jerry Orbach quote.

Anonymous said...

that's fabulous. really.