March 31, 2008

Hot dog!

Might not matter to half of SFTC readers, but it's Opening Day (capital letters intentional) for Major League Baseball.

This really should be a national holiday. Of course, part of the appeal in most places I've lived is that it's a sign that spring is here (or, in the case of Chicago, that it would be coming sometime in the next eight to 10 weeks). Sadly, it's a little less monumental in Southern California, where the weather is this nice all year round.

And unfortunately, baseball has kind of diluted the excitement the last few years by having the first two games of the season a week early in Japan and by adding another "opening" game on the eve of the first Monday of the season. So on second thought, I guess this is more like just the fourth day of the 2008 baseball season. Yippee.

Might have to get myself a hot dog and throw some peanut shells on the ground to celebrate.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Looking for the comments of "Mrs. Escalator Operator" as to the peanut shells on the floor!!!

Anonymous said...