August 29, 2008

I feel your Palin

Frankly, not sure I have anything to say about today's Election 08 topic du jour that you haven't thought for yourself. But for starters: WTF?

First two thoughts that came to mind:

1) Is this the kind of thing that's going to seal the deal for the Hillary's-women-supporters-who-were-considering-McCain-out-of-spite voting bloc to actually go Republican in November? Sure seems like that's what good-time Johnny was thinking. Either that, or he can check off "Lock up up Alaska's hotly contested three electoral votes" on his Road to the White House checklist.

2) I'm sure Sarah Palin is impressive in her own right and all, but I just circled October 2 on my imaginary calendar. (I guess it was also an imaginary circle.) Biden, who's been in the Senate for 36 years, versus Palin, who for the last 36 years has been... hm... older than 8 years old, I guess. It oughta be a barn-burner on the order of, hmm... well, sorta like this.

1 comment:

bugs said...

Yes, I think it is to get the women who wanted to vote for Hilary, but now can't. Other than that, and that she has 5 kids with funky names, she's not for women's choice, that she hunts (I got a chuckle out of that, as she could be the 2nd VP to shoot someone), she fishes and is a 1st term politician whose sister is going thru a nasty divorce with a policeman-soon-to-be-ex, who she fired from the job b/c of the impending divorce...I don't know much about her. And, all that was summed up in 2 minutes on CNN for me. So, those being the facts, I'm now LESS likely than I was before (which wasn't likely at all) to vote for McCain.