August 19, 2008

Good aim

I feel like I should win something. Just looked at my new cell phone bill and I went exactly one minute over my anytime minutes for last month. One minute. That is incredible accuracy in cell-phone minute usage. Until cell phone companies start counting in 30-second increments, this record will never be broken. Go ahead, try to beat it. You can't. Can't be done.

Unrelated: I'm not sure if this is the ultimate proof that I'm a grammar geek or just shows that anything is funny before you're actually awake in the morning. But just hours ago, KROQ's Kevin and Bean were giving away trips to Las Vegas for listeners who wanted to go to a swingers party. One TF* called up and said that his girlfriend had "never swang" before.


Made me laugh so hard I almost had to pull Al Jr.** over to the side of the road until I could recover.

Yeah, I don't know what I'm doing with asterisks today. Probably just a phase.

* turdface
** my car. He's named after Al Sr., my recently retired 1996 Altima. Al Sr. is living on a farm in upstate New York right now and if you don't believe it, then stick it.


bugs said...

i'm lol, too.
al jr.? bro - come up with a new name - al was for ALTIMA, no? since you don't drive an altima anymore, this new car should have his own identity.

Your escalator operator said...

Al Jr. is a good name because: 1) it's a tribute to the original Al, and as you know we name people (or cars) after other people (or cars) so we REMEMBER THEM and 2) as Doc pointed out, Al Jr. is like the color of aluminum, so the name still fits.