August 25, 2008

And, apparently, only one idea

Y'know how the slogan for the just-completed Olympic Games (hmph, now what am I going to do from 8 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. every night?) was "One World. One Dream."?

Yeah, well, I'm starting to think that around August 8 or so, some big-cheese Democrat exclaimed during some fancy meeting, "Hey, the Olympics has its own slogan. We should have one, too, for our big convention in Denver!"

And some other Democrat exclaimed back, "Great idea, Hillary."

And then some other Democrat posed the not-so-hypothetical question: "Anyone know a good slogan?"

Whereupon yet another Democrat rolled his eyes. Because he knew where this was headed.

"It's a shame One World One Dream is taken. That would have been suh-weet. Think we can use it anyway?"

"Nah, I don't think so. But... wait! I have an idea. Well, it's a little crazy. How about... well, how about this?"


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

I guess that leaves the Republicans to use "One America"....... Please, stop the madness!!!!!

bugs said...

okay, could have ALSO been from "one nation, under god, indivisible..." EVER HEARD OF THAT?!
(i doubt it, but i'm just sayin'...the dems don't need anymore smack talking)

bugs said...

p.s. did anyone other than you know that was the slogan? i never heard of it until you just wrote maybe (just maybe) it WAS an original idea by the dems (okay, still doubt it, but trying...)

Anonymous said...

If they DID use One Nation Under God, they might get my attention! Until then.... ho hum....

BTW, there is no comma after nation; it is one, undivided phrase. Check it out.