August 15, 2008

Bei-jingoism, and a Rose

This has felt like an off week, blog-wise, and I'll just blame it on Olympics-induced lack of sleep.

I admit this is a flimsy excuse, because, well, I'm tired from staying up an hour later than usual to watch Michael Phelps swim, while Michael Phelps, who is actually doing the swimming, is awake enough to keep setting world records. Which seems somewhat more strenuous than being parked in front of a Dell Optiplex, typing stuff all day. Maybe he's in better physical shape than I am.

Still, I want to fight through the pain for your blog-reading enjoyment and/or personal enrichment and/or time-wasting enhancement, so here's what I'm thinking:

1) Olympics-wise, I already posted about the not-cute-enough-pre-teen-opening-ceremony singer whose voice was used but body was replaced in the live show by a cuter-but-less-musical-lip-syncing girl. Which definitely seems like the Olympic spirit. But in the last week, we've also learned that:

(a) the Olympic organizers apparently didn't even think their fireworks were cute enough - turns out that what we saw on TV was computer-enhanced, as though slightly better fireworks would make us all like China a lot more - and that...

(b) for several days after the (apparently fake) smoke cleared, the organizers suppressed the news that one of China's best and best-known dancers was badly injured during a rehearsal for the ceremony and may be paralyzed. The good news is that they must have thought she was cute enough to participate in the first place, so she's got that going for her.

Oh, and (c) the latest kerfuffle is a Wall Street Journal report - really? this is what the Wall Street Journal feels like covering these days? - that the children in the opening ceremony who were supposed to be members of China's ethnic minorities were actually children from the Han majority, just dressed up to look like members of the minorities. Isn't it weird they thought it was worth it to fudge that little detail? I can understand faking the ages of your gymnasts - at least there's something to win; at least you get a medal. But fake fireworks and fake ethnic children? Why bother?

I have this sneaking suspicion we're going to find out soon that the entire ceremony didn't actually take place, and it was all CGIed at Pixar.

2) The younger of my two world-class nephews bears a striking resemblance to NFL superstar Jevon Kearse. For your consideration:

I know, it's startling, right? That's Max in the bib, in case you feel like you're seeing double.

(Thanks to Rose Digital for the Max portrait and to Sports Illustrated for the Kearse cover.)


bugs said...

1) yea, just MAYBE michael phelps is in better physical shape than you.
2) you didn't mention that someone realized that the really really young looking chinese gymnast wasn't exactly 16 years old (surprise?! surprise?!) but only a mere 13 years old - the chinese are really winning points all over
3) if you're going to show my youngest son, couldn't it be a more fattering...i mean c'mon now!

Your escalator operator said...

1) So what are you saying?
2) Well, my point was that the opening ceremonies lying/cheating wouldn't even result in a medal, unlike the underage gymnast (alleged) lying/cheating.
3) That's a *great* picture, and I hope Max isn't reading your comments. Nice one, though.

Laura said...

That's a cute kid.

And, I can I just say that China's PR needs some PR. That little girl who got the shaft during the opening ceremony was cute - crooked baby teeth, chubby cheeks and all.

The country should pay for her therapy.