August 6, 2008

All comes back to Wilco

Nice moment this morning after I parked my car in the garage at work. Stuck my earbuds in and cued up Wilco's Summerteeth on the iPod for the five-minute walk to the office.

As the song "I'm Always in Love" came on, I walked past a Benz with this license plate:

I liked that.

On the other hand, apparently Sears' tagline is "Where it begins." (I don't know if this is new or not, but it showed up on an email this morning.) I think companies that are sucking wind should stop investing money in stupid meaningless taglines just because they think they need to have a tagline. Is "Where it begins" going to get anyone to decide they have to hurry out to Sears? Or do anything, for that matter?


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Seems like you have an awful lot of inward anger toward the Sears gang.....but dont be too hard on them, what can you expect from the same group that based an entire clothing line named "Jaclyn Smith" a good 20-25 years past her prime. I am looking forward to their upcoming Dallas and Dynasty collections.....

bugs said...

HPA - you're funny in your old age.
SFTC WRITER - seriously. chill out. and, Sears gets plenty of promos thru its tear-jerking hours of EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, no?! so, let 'em screw up a tagline or two. whatever.

your escalator operator said...

HPA - See what I'm saying? Bad marketing.

B - Their EMHE sponsorship is excellent, no argument with that. The advertising tagline blows. I just needed to point that out.

bugs said...

don't you feel SO MUCH better for doing so, too?!