June 25, 2009

For posterity

No comment to make - I sort of just want to save this paragraph from the New York Times web site for posterity:

NBC, which had scheduled a one-hour tribute to Farrah Fawcett tonight at 10 p.m., has now expanded that special to two hours, beginning at 9 p.m., to cover the deaths of both Ms. Fawcett and [Michael] Jackson. CBS will broadcast a special report covering both deaths at 10 p.m.

OK, two comments, actually.
1) From my office window, I can see three of the helicopters covering the action - to the extent that someone still being dead is "action" - at the hospital where Jackson died. So I've got that going for me.
2) How big a bottle of Champagne is Mark Sanford drinking right about now? Yesterday was clearly the right time to admit having an affair with some chick from Argentina. Nice going.

1 comment:

bugs said...

so sad to think about those 2 dying. i'm not being cynical - truly. icons.
they'll (broadcasters) will get back to sanford when the next idiot is found out in the government....affair, money-swindling, general stupidity, the like.
i'm watching CNN, as it must be one of the helicopters swirling around, and it is just RIVETING to watch hordes of people stand around to honor michael jackson. RIVETING, i tell you. excellent use of helicopters & budgets.