July 2, 2009

... And you can't beat the traffic

If anyone asks, I still tell them that living in L.A. is great. And I believe it. I guess I'm easy, but to me - whatever obstacles your hometown might throw at you - if you can walk out of your home or office and see palm trees, you're pretty damn lucky. And if you can look up and see cerulean blue skies approximately 361 days a year, even better.

The problem is that L.A. is in California, which as of today, is starting to pay people with IOUs. Or, as the New York Times calls them - and I'm just pointing this out because I'm an editorgeek - i.o.u.'s.

I think I might look into doing that for my next major purchases. I never did get that HDTV I kept yammering on about during the 2008 winter holidays. Think Circuit City would take an IOU for one of those? Oh, right, I almost forgot.

California's budget woes also mean that I'm on my way to a salary reduction for the next 12 months, at least. To lower our pay, they're apparently considering using unpaid days, or as they're better known, furloughs. I'm sort of on board with the idea, although every time I hear the word furlough, I think of Michael Dukakis and Willie Horton. So, that's not so great.

Still: Palm trees.


JBhumitra said...

i.o.u.'s! LOL!

Daddy Geek Boy said...

Bro, I'm totally good for it. I swear.

Sorry about your pay thing. That sucks. I hope our beloved state can get its act together soon.

bugs said...

if i plant palm trees & put a heater in your house that automatically sets the temp to mid-70s, will you move back east?

Your escalator operator said...

DGB - Thanks. I think it will be "soon" in, like, geological time.

B - Hmmm. By "east," do you mean Pasadena?

bugs said...