June 18, 2009

Hard to say I'm sorry

Is it just me, or does this apology not seem very timely?

I am glad that the resolution made headlines today, though, because it gives me a chance to mention what I think is one of the stranger names for a restaurant chain I've ever seen. Here in L.A., we have a handful of eateries operating under the evocative name Souplantation. Whenever I drive by one, I imagine sharecroppers harvesting the vegetables that will be used to make their bisques, chowders and gumbos, which I have to say, doesn't make me feel great about stopping in.

Just out of curiosity, I went to the company's web site to see how many locations it has in the deep South. (Note, the same company operates Sweet Tomatoes restaurants, and if you click through to the map, those are the ones you'll see in North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.) Wanna guess?


Daddy Geek Boy said...

I appreciate the Senate's concern and I'm sure their "heartfelt" apology resonates with everyone affected by slavery.

JBhumitra said...

i thought this had happened several years ago, where they were apologizing and that they did pay reparations for some people's whose family's could be legitimately traced back to slavery. did i just imagine all that? or was it discussed and maybe didn't go through until now? but yes, a little late indeed.

Maggie May said...

A timely apology? hahahah!!! Sorry, rude of me on my first visit here.