June 5, 2009

Runner's high

Just so I'm clear: Is CNN recommending that I take up recreational drugs?

I've always wanted to do a triathlon, but all of the running and swimming seemed a bit over the top. (Let's be honest: How bad can the biking be?)

Anyway, reading a story on CNN.com today, I realized maybe I'd have an easier time if I followed this guy's example - go on a three-day pharmaceutical binge and then kick my newly adopted bad habits by getting all Mark Allen on ya'.

That should work, right?


bugs said...

"...he snuck bottles of Amaretto and rum from his mother's liquor cabinet. He also developed a taste for marijuana and cocaine..."

-LOVE amaretto & rum.
-i developed lots of tastes, too, but none so bold (stupid) as cocaine...can't comment on the marijuana part
-so, maybe i should follow this guy's example and enter a triathalon...yea! right on!!! only problem, i can't do the running part after knee surgery, so wanna split the exercise & you could do the running & i'd swim (since i'm better than you) and i could bike (i don't know why, but i have a really cool bike that i don't use too often) and we can aspire to be JUST LIKE THIS GUY.
-whatcha think?!

JBhumitra said...

we were learning about substance abuse in my psychopathology class, and there is a theory that people whose body processes an insufficient amount of endorphins naturally have a tendency to look for mood-altering drugs - the people don't really know why they are craving the drugs, but this is where that craving comes from. it is an attempt to get the high that they are missing from the endorphins that they don't have. that is why exercise works so well as a substitute for substances in recovery.

Your escalator operator said...

B - We'll have some of your favorite drink and then go for a jog. It'll be the amaretto and rum run.

JB - That's interesting, but I don't get it - you're saying I *should* or *shouldn't* start taking the drugs?