June 25, 2009

Five more losers, Hollywood style

Despite all of the headlines it generated - not to mention the breathless publicists who were "shocked" - I don't think I really care at all about the news that the smarties behind the Academy Awards decided to start naming 10 nominees (up from five) for the Best Motion Picture award.

It almost as if all of these movie-industry pundits don't realize that it basically just means five more movies are going to not win the award, which they were going to do (or not do) anyway.

I do find the announcement ironic, though. This being the year that Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and He's Just Not That Into You were released, it seems like an odd time to expand the number of films up for awards.

- -

And, not that it's going to affect your day or anything, but I get to see/hear Wilco tonight! As my sister might say: Yeah, baby.


bugs said...

I may say "yea, baby" or you may say that?!
I may say...hmmmm...what would I say? Maybe, "lucky you - getting to go out to do something cool without kids"

Daddy Geek Boy said...

It's a desperate attempt to boost the profile of the Oscars. The thinking is that if more movies could be nominated for Best Picture, movies like The Dark Knight would not get snubbed. And if popular movies like The Dark Knight are nominated, more people will watch. (Personally, I don't think this is true.)

However, there is a chance that 10 movies like The Reader are going to be picked.

If Transformers 2 is nominated, I'm turning in my Arclight card.

JBhumitra said...

From my understanding, it is all about the economy. The more movies that can boast being "Oscar-nominated," the more people will go to the theater to see them, boosting studio sales.