June 16, 2009

Arizona senators: Manna from blog heaven

Amid all the talk of furloughs in my adopted home state - and, actually, not just talk, but actual furloughs - I have apparently been on something of a self-imposed blog furlough lately. Sorry it's been so slow. I just haven't come across much lately that struck me as blog-worthy, until just a moment ago when I checked the New York Times site.

The news that brought my blog-jones back to life was this wonderful item about Arizona senator John Ensign. Frankly, it seems like it's about time we get a story like this. I've been feeling a real post-Spitzer, post-Blago political crash-n-burn lull the last few months. So I think I speak for all Americans when I say: We wanted this story. We needed this story.

My first thought was: Really? It's just that it seems soooo cliche now for Republican senators to have affairs with their staff. Good lord. Get out a little bit. Be creative. Meet a waitress at Hooters or something.

My other first thought was: God bless Arizona senators. Whether their names are John or Jon, they're usually good for a blog entry or two (or three) every year.


bugs said...

boys will be boys.
no matter what their name...or what state they're from.

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