May 8, 2009

Subpar for the course

Looking for more negative economic indicators? OK, good.

Today's announcement that they're canceling* this year's Skins Game - an annual televised event in which four already-rich professional golfers win tens of thousands of dollars for each hole they win - seems like a particularly bad sign.

Nobody I know is going to lose any sleep over one less golf event on TV. But whether it's because sponsors are too broke to cough up the prize money or the golf people feel it would be in bad taste to make a spectacle of people winning an amount roughly equal to a bazillion times the average annual U.S. salary for hitting a ball in a hole - or both - it feels like a very Depression-era kind of move.

So, uh, enjoy your weekend!

Oh, just one other thing. Have you read about The Oprah "giving away" KFC chicken or some such craziness? (I'm not adding to the hype by posting a link.) This is probably going to be really lame, but I'm high on Tabasco sauce so I'm just going to say it...

It strikes me that it's too bad she didn't time her KFC endorsement to coincide with that Oprah Book Club recommendation a few years ago. They could have had a promotion called A Million Little Pieces of James Frey Chicken.

Thank you, thank you. Don't forget to tip your servers.

* Note to PGA: "Postponed" plus "no makeup date" equals "canceled."


Daddy Geek Boy said...

Oh man, you totally hooked me in for that lame punchline.

Did you hear that the fine print of the KFC giveaway is that they're only giving away a limited amount of free chicken a day? People are apparently lining up like a Soviet family for toilet paper (how's that for a timely reference?).

Of course, you already know my feelings on said chicken.

bugs said...

you're very snarky today, aren't ya?!

Escalator said...
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