May 21, 2009

Mouse memorial

The Internet sure does let people get news out quickly.

Which is why you have to be impressed that the L.A. Times was able to report today that Wayne Allwine, the actor who was the most recent voice of Mickey Mouse died ... three days ago. I'm not saying I really needed to know about this on Monday, the day Mr. Allwine left us, but it does seem kind of strange that the paper of record in Los Angeles took so long to bring us the story, considering he lived, worked, and died here, and that the Mouse is sort of an institution.

I'm going to guess that most of the newspaper's remaining entertainment "reporters" have been tied up making sure they had up-to-the-nanosecond blog coverage of more important stuff like Idol (OMG! What an upset!) and DWTS (OMG! That's all I can think of!).

Anyway, if you're into this kind of thing, one interesting note about Allwine was that he had been married since 1991 to Russi Taylor, the woman who voiced Minnie Mouse. How sweet, right? And, if you're really into this kind of thing, here's video of the couple being interviewed about how they got the gigs.

Unfortunately, I really don't have any interesting Mickey-related stories for you. But - hey, here's an idea - feel free to share your own in the comments space below. Or add yourself as a follower over there in the right sidebar. Mickey would want you to.

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bugs said...

no mickey comments, but obviously his friend, BUGS BUNNY, means a lot to me.
and, DWTS was shocking! i don't watch IDOL, so i can't comment - only one silly reality show/season for me.