May 6, 2009


The abstinence movement sure picked the right spokesmom this time, didn't it?

When Bristol Palin says that abstinence is the "best path for teens" to prevent pregnancy (as the New York Times put it), is that kind of like me saying that not regularly eating pizza and not watching SportsCenter every day is the "best path for thirtysomething men" to keep from getting ridiculously out of shape?

Also, I like how her publicist told reporters that young Bristol wouldn't answer any "personal questions" hours after two national TV appearances in which she said she wished she had waited to have sex.


bugs said...

having sex just isn't personal anymore.

i wonder how much she's getting paid.

Your escalator operator said...

Ooooh, cynical. I like it.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

What I'd really love is for Bristol to come out and say, "This baby-raising thing is frakkin' hard. And look at this loser I picked as the father. You think he's helping? Here kids, have some condoms."