May 26, 2009

Sold! And why Tuesday is the new Monday

I'm just starting to read up on new Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, but if our old pal Mitt (Schlag) Romney is against her, I feel like my decision is probably made.

I'm sure thrilled that today is the beginning of a four-day work week, but Tuesday is still off to a sucky start because (listed in chronological order of when I read and/or tasted them, not in order of importance)...

1) I read that former Wilco member Jay Bennett died this weekend. Bennett was an influential part of the band when it recorded the albums that are by far my two favorite, Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. 

Although I think all of Wilco's music has been interesting since Bennett was fired, it's not nearly as much fun anymore - an assertion that I think is strongly supported by the band's latest, Wilco (the album), which is online now and being released soon. In an NPR music blog, one reader referred to Wilco's recent music as "dad rock," which, sadly, I had to agree with. But someone once told me never to speak ill of a recently deceased multi-instrumentalist's former bandmates, so I'll leave it there. Point is, Bennett helped create some of the songs that became my favorites during the past 10 years, and it's sad that he's gone. R.I.P., Jay Bennett.

2) I cracked open my Trader Joe's Essential Greens Veggie smoothie? juice? residue-in-a-bottle? for some healthy, mid-morning refreshment and - I probably should have figured this out from the photos of cucumber, kale, spinach, parsley and probably fungus on the packaging, but - blecccccchhhhhhhhh. Maybe it's considered healthy because it's crushing my will to eat or drink anything else today. 

I think it's ironic that where the expiration date is printed on the bottle, instead of "Use by" or "Drink by," this item has "Enjoy by May 29." I don't think so. I don't think there's a date by which I will enjoy this.

3) The California Supreme Court missed a really big chance to do the right thing when the justices voted not to overturn the unfair state law created by Prop 8. Other states have figured out this issue. Can not figure out why it's so tricky in this state, which was once considered to be progressive. On the plus side, more protest marches coming up, I'm sure.

Still, I'm determined to finish this veggie drink. Maybe if I add some sugar, things will start to turn around.


bugs said...

1) sorry about that
2) sounds nasty. but trader joe's takes anything back, so go get your $ back and get some cookies or something more enticing than fungus.
3) ridiculous already. seriously.

i haven't read a thing about the new nominee & when our parents mentioned it to me last night, i vaguely remembered that we were getting a new SC justice. that's how in touch with things i intellectual opinion of S.S.? i don't like her name.

Your escalator operator said...

B - I'm determined to win this fight with the green goop. So, while returning it may be an option, I *will* finish it, damn it.

Also, I like her name - it's very melodic. But you're entitled to your opinion.

bugs said...

don't call me when you're vomiting later - either from finishing it or just the thought of finishing it.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I can't even bring myself to look at that green stuff. Seriously, why are you so determined to finish it? I won't think less of you.

Your escalator operator said...

B and DGB - I tried and tried. And added two packets of sugar. But to no avail - I decided to cut my losses dump the remaining half of the green stuff down the drain. At least I'll get back 5 cents for the deposit.

bugs said...

SERIOUSLY?! i thought you would totally drink it all & vomit.
way to go!!!! you're not as stubborn (i.e. stupid) as i thought!!!