May 28, 2009

In which chocolate, chocolate, caramel, chocolate and cookies are "good for you"

Being lactose intolerant, it makes all the sense in the world that one of the Twitter feeds I follow is that of Baskin-Robbins.

Perhaps it's to test my will power. For example, since starting to follow BR's tweets, I have successfully avoided going to my nearby BR31 despite my deep passion for BR Rocky Road ice cream. I even managed to stay away during last month's 31 cent scoop promotion (which, as I write this, is still being promoted on the company's home page despite the fact that it was held - in case you missed it earlier in this sentence - last month).

A few minutes ago, those crazy ice cream-making geniuses actually posted this* on Twitter: Try our new Brownie a la Mode w/ layers of chocolate brownie, chewy cookie, & caramel. Good for you & your friends!

Which seems accurate. Except maybe for the, uh, second sentence. So I retweeted part of the message with a quick commentary:

I'm not saying it was necessarily in response to my tweet, but 14 minutes later - I counted - BR had deleted the original tweet and posted this version, deleting the "good for you" and replacing it with "big enough for you":

My guess is that in order to keep the promo within Twitter's 140-character limit, the writer translated "enough servings for a party of five" to "good for you." Here's the nutrition info** - you can decide for yourself whether the two are synonymous.

SFTC: Looking out for your saturated fat intake, one post at a time.

* It's possible that I'm off by a character or two - they may have had "and" instead of "&" in order to stay within the 140 chracter limit, and I couldn't access the original message once they deleted it. But the "Good for you & your friends" language is precisely what was in the original tweet.

** Worth reading, if only because this confirms that - I am not making this up - the dessert does not contain crustaceans.


ZenMom said...

Huzzah for proper grammar. :)

And huzzah for no shellfish in my ice cream. But I see no assurances that it is also sans lead and melamine. Better not take any chances. Let those friends of yours try the first few bites.

JBhumitra said...

baskin robbins should give you free ice cream like that place that sent you free muffins and stuff. i like ben and jerry's cherry garcia fro yo best, but i also like this whirrled peace ice cream they have there. there is a ben and jerry's across the st from my office and it is taking all the willpower in the world to not go there everyday.

Your escalator operator said...

ZM - Welcome to the blog, and thanks so much for the comment! I think that's a winning idea. That's what friends are for.

JB - I know exactly which B&J shop you mean, and now I'm fantasizing about the evil seven layer bar flavor, which I got there a few weeks ago. It might be one of the 10 best foods ever.

Laura said...

Grammar is fun. After my tirade today about inappropriate uses of quotation marks on Twitter, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one in our 140-character society who still finds screwed up grammar funny.

bugs said...

you're very funny & i've never seen such a long label in the nutrition section of any food - not that i readily read nutrition labels, but i think this one quite long.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I guess that depends on your definition of good. Good for the soul? Good on a hot summer day? Good if you're a fan of frozen candy bars?