February 22, 2008

Name game

If your name is Allison Edwards or Allison Epstein or Allison Engel, this post will be really interesting.

When I was flying home on Monday, I sat behind a guy wearing a Hard Rock Cafe baseball cap. (How original of him.) On the back, said cap bore the following slogan, which I assume to be Hard Rock's signature: "ALL IS ONE."

After pausing to dedicate one great big deep thought to that profound and well-placed mantra, it occurred to me that it would be really cool for someone whose first name was Allison and last name started with an E to have a company named All is One.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Wow, must have been a really long flight. So during the rest of the flight were you able to determine the thread count in the fabric of the seat in front of you too?

Your escalator operator said...

The seats were leather, my man. So I guess the thread count was 1.