February 4, 2008

A graphic display, volume 2

Another week, another kick-ass New York Times politicographic. (I think I just invented a word. Sweet!) Seriously, does anyone have more fun at their jobs than the politicographicmakers (another new word!) at the Times?

This one is set up all Sgt. Pepper-like -- a photo collage of celebs, pols and big-city newspapers (and, for some reason, the Hartford Courant). When you mouse over any one of them, an info box tells you which presidential hopeful they're endorsing. Or, you can click on any of the candidates -- wow! Ron Paul's still running? -- and the photos of that candidate's endorsers show up in bold. Um, Ron Paul, your big backers are Howard Stern, Arlo Guthrie and former Georgia representative Bob Barr. It's time to pack up.

As an aside, I couldn't vote for Ron Paul because his name sounds better suited for a pontiff. If he won I'd always want to call him "Pope Ron Paul II."

The candidate photos on the left side of the page are kinda interesting. Hillary looks all haughty, Obama seems very concerned, Huckabee looks like an extraterrestrial mutant (which is exactly the phrase that California state treasurer Bill Lockyer used to describe him at a presentation I attended last week), and Mitt looks like he's channeling George W's I'm-so-confused-I-thought-it-was-pronounced-newkyewlar face.

And if you needed any more evidence that, in any circumstance, the right thing to do is the opposite of what Ann Coulter does, she's endorsing Mitt Romney.


JBhumitra said...

more blogs more blogs!

Laura said...

Another excellent find. I feel the need for another celebrity endorsement update. My favorite -- Hulk Hogan endorses Barack Obama. I'm thinking Hulk vs. Chuck Celebrity Deathmatch. What do you think?

Your escalator operator said...

... with the future of our great nation riding on the outcome? Hells yeah! Only I'd like to get Babs Mikulski in the mix. She's feisty.