February 9, 2008

Filet o' fun

That handsome dude in the photo is my superstar nephew, Jacob (also known in some circles as Steve "Cardboard" Levin), who turns 6 years old today. Happy Birthday, Steve-o!

To celebrate the big half-dozen, Jacob's parents are taking him to see something called "Finding Nemo on Ice." That struck me as funny. By the time you're 6, don't you start to figure out that when you see fish on ice, those fish are usually, well, um, dead?

That seems like a real downer for a birthday party. Oh well. I'm sure they'll have fun.

Note for Jacob: Have a great b-day! Come visit soon!


bugs said...

cute photo of my #1 son. the show happened to be very good, smarty pants, and THEY SKATE ON ICE. they're not dead on ice. or, it's not a drink "on ice."
that's all i can think of on my 2 hours of consecutive sleep brain. i'm done. outta here. thanks for including the cutest kid ever (over the age of 5) on your blog. super cool.

bugs said...

and another p.s. this "tree hugging" photo could get lots of comments, too, if anyone other than your sister, your wife & your few editor friends from the past read it! xoxo

Loree said...

If you want to see a tidbit of the most insane, 80's-tastic "on ice" experience ever, I suggest you watch this.


Your escalator operator said...

Oh! The sweaters alone are worth it.