August 21, 2009

Short of useful

Just picked up a tasty submarine from my local Quizno's. I left the store with my sandwich and a plastic cup full of banana pepper slices, of course, but also a potentially useful observation for you.

You know those measuring-stick stickers that businesses put near their doorways so employees can easily tell how tall burglars are while they're running out of the store? Well, the one at this Quizno's started at 5 feet, 5 inches, which I think means that if you've just robbed a Quizno's and you're 64 inches or shorter, your odds of being caught are much, much lower.

I'm 5-10 or so, meaning I'd be well within the burglar-measuring range at Quizno's. Now, I'm not planning anything criminal, mind you. But next time I go there - just to mess with anyone who might be watching me - I think I'll duck on my way out.


bugs said...

You little rule-breaker, you.
Is that really what the measuring tape on the way out is for?
1) never noticed a measuring tape
2) would have never given a thought as to its purpose

Daddy Geek Boy said...

I'm 5'9". Wanna get an Ocean's 11 type crew together?

Your escalator operator said...

B - That's precisely why I work so hard on bringing you this blog. These are things you need to know.

DGB - Sure, I'm in. Your Quizno's or mine?

samantha said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......
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Jenifer said...

The swimming picture is soo cute.

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