August 19, 2009

Only 2.19178% of a year late

One of SFTC's most dedicated readers - and one of the proud few to be an official SFTC follower - recently celebrated a birthday. Since then, I have been trying to think of a brilliantly witty way to connect that important occasion into some other news item to create a birthday-worthy blog post. But while I was thinking about it, eight days - or 2.19178 percent of a year - went by.

That's not a very long stretch in geologic time, but in cyberspace and in the belated-birthday-wish genre, it's an eternity. The kicker is that I have heard that an SFTC birthday shout-out was one of the presents she most wanted. (Weird, because if it were me, a birthday mention on SFTC would be about 1,345 spots behind, well, one of these. But, really, who am I to judge?)

So without further ado - or as they say in my hometown, "without further adieu"* - I send the very schmanciest Happy Birthday+8 Days greeting to Jaya B.

* They don't really say this in my hometown; I think they say it in Indiana. I just didn't want to take a cheap shot at Indiana.


ZenMom said...

Aww, that's sweet.

Happy Belated Birthday, Jaya B. :)

JBhumitra said...

YAY!!!! Thank you!!!! (And thank you also ZenMom!). Don't forget that Jenny and I share our bdays, so it was her bday too. We will celebrate again in January! This post made me smile on an otherwise dreary day at the office. :)

bugs said...

Happy belated, Jaya!!!

samantha said...

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Jenifer said...

Very funny. nice catch.

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