August 28, 2009

In which I have a meaningful conversation with Hugh Laurie

Actually, that headline might be a tiny bit misleading - "meaningful conversation" is stretching it a little.

But I did ask a question and Hugh Laurie, the multitalented portrayer of the title character of my current favorite TV show, answered it. Our magic moment took place Wednesday in an online chat on the Los Angeles Times web site but it was almost like we were hanging out in Starbucks like two old pals and since I like you so much, I saved the transcript so you could relive it. Again and again, if you wish.

(Click to enlarge; my question and Mr. Laurie's answer are boxed in yellow for your reading convenience.)

As you can see, it wasn't the most insightful question ever asked, but it's not like I used to be a journalist or anything.*

In my defense, I tried submitting three questions, but this was the only one the moderator chose to include in the chat. Which sucks because my other queries were much more profound. I don't remember the exact wording, but I think my first question was about his view of the potential economic implications of Obama's healthcare bill and the other might have been about Sartre or something.

As celebrity interviews go, I thought it went alright. I mean, at least I didn't pull one of these.

* Oh, right. I actually used to be a journalist.


JBhumitra said...

hey copyeditor, "questions" in the 2nd to last para is misspelled. :)

but im so glad you got to talk to your hero! now you just need to hit up coffe bean with james franco.

Your escalator operator said...

JB - That cracked me up. I fixed the error, and I want to thank you for misspelling "coffee" in your comment, which I know you probably did just to make me feel better.

Also: Oh, James Franco.

ZenMom said...

Cooool. :)

bugs said...

it would have been much funnier had you been like farley interview, actually. but, congrats on getting to chat with the hugh. now you're on a 1st name basis, i'm sure.