August 10, 2009

My kind of town

The nice thing about Chicago is that if you're invited to a retirement party for an elected official, there's little chance you'll find yourself wondering, "Should I get a retirement present?" Much less, "What would be an appropriate gift for the occasion?"

Because the answers always will be: "Duh." And: "Cash."

If you need a concise parable to remind you of this advice, I just happen to have one, about the ethically awesome Alderman William J.P. Banks. Kind of cool that his last name is Banks, isn't it?*

Hard to imagine that this is the same city that gave Governor Blagojevich his start in politics.

* Also, I think J.P. probably stands for "Just Pay."


bugs said...

so very very tacky

rozydesouza said...

Very intresting to read..thanks for giving this kind of blogs....
Naton wide cash is easy and fast

JBhumitra said...

this is one of your best posts. duh and cash! ha!

Jenifer said...

It is great to find someone who can find the fun things in life!

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