August 17, 2009

My champ

A few of the highlights from a weekend back at home, way over on the other coast...

My nephew swam the full length of my parents' pool - without stopping! - for the very first time.

He had a blast when John Denver's "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" played during the seventh inning stretch at an Orioles game, just like I did when I was his age, which I think was around 120 years ago.

And after he did that, he leaned over to me and whispered, "Uncle, I'm going to miss it when you're not here."

Me too, kid.


Loree said...

Super cute!

bugs said...

i have a tear in my eye!
i'll show him.
(and, yes, loree, he is super cute! thanks for noticing!!)
that being said, it would have been nice to include #2, no?! he is quite memorable as well.

ZenMom said...

Awww, that's super sweet! :)

nephew #1 said...

you're the best ever, super star.
we're going to be world famous now!
see you soon!

Your escalator operator said...

Thanks all! (Especially N#1.)

Anonymous said...
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JBhumitra said...

the swimming picture is soo cute. i can only doggy paddle. im glad to hear you had a great time with the fam!

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Jenifer said...

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