June 5, 2008

Sense of humor, Dry

Here's a first for me: Apparently, I'm living in a drought. If not for that gloomy fact, this photo would be kind of funny.

On the plus side, the drought has made it safe to dive from this particular bridge.

Perhaps I'll do my part -- be a part of the solution, as they say -- by drinking root beer-flavored vodka instead of water. That'll work, right?

Another thing that California might want to look into is outlawing the use of hoses to clean sidewalks. For those of you in the drought-free parts of the country: You can't go anywhere in L.A. without seeing morons standing out in front of their homes or businesses hosing down their walkways. Might have something to do with the water shortage.

Drought. It's just one letter away from draught.


JBhumitra said...

am i a bad person for laughing out loud when i saw the picture? and i laughed out loud again when you cleverly referenced yesterday's root-beer blog. after spinning our instructor always jokes that we should rehydrate with vodka.

bugs said...

i was laughing too! that's AWESOME. frame-in-my-house-hung-on-the-wall awesome. that's just hilarious. mmmmmmm...root-beer vodka. yummy. i could use about 2 bottles of it RIGHT NOW. send some along, please. and, yes, what ever happened to the fine art of SWEEPING sidewalks. stupid people.

Your escalator operator said...

I think everyone out here is very low-energy so sweeping sidewalks takes too much effort. Easier to just stand still with a hose, blasting water at leaves.

J: I don't know, I laughed at that picture, too, even though it was obviously supposed to show that we're in bad shape.