June 6, 2008

Blown away

Some moron in an airplane (well, you probably would've figured out the airplane part) was skywriting over campus this afternoon. I think he was spelling out "Tori & Dean," which I hope is a reference to ubertalented actrix Tori Spelling and her hunky and utterly underexposed husband -- I assume they're on some awesome reality TV show. I hope it was about that and not some student named Dean hiring a skywriter to impress his unfortunately named girlfriend.

Anyway, I only think that's what pilot dude was spelling out because it took about 20 minutes for "Tori & De" and part of an "a" to appear, by which time I had to go back inside. Also by that time, the part that orginally said "Tori" had begun to look like this:

And, no, I wasn't standing still, staring at the sky for 20 minutes -- I was walking back from my lunch break. (This sentence included to prevent rude comments from one reader in particular. You know who you are.)

Interesting, huh?

Come to think of it, nobody on campus really seemed to care, either.

I will say, however, that whatever it costs, skywriting seems like a pretty moronic marketing investment.


bugs said...

to whom are you referring?!

Your escalator operator said...

If the mouth fits...

bugs said...

i think you made that up..."if the mouth fits?!"
that's terrible.
i'm typing. no speaking going on, btw.

Loree said...

You mean... you've never seen "Tori and Dean: Inn Love"? Actually, I heard they sold the inn. But I'm sure reality shenanigans are still going on.