June 12, 2008

Lactoids rejoice

I realize this won't be interesting to anyone other than Bugs, but (good) humor me.

Got an email from the mad scientists at Turtle Mountain this morning letting me know about some new flavors of lactose-free (and in some cases, gluten-free) fake ice creams. They're made with coconut milk and sweetened with agave, so even Jenny's trainer would give me the thumbs-up, I think. Hey, no trans fats either, so... I don't know what that means, but I'm guessing it's good.

If they sold ice cream by subscription, I'd totally do it for this stuff. Who knew cookie dough fake ice cream could be good for you?! I'm kind of kidding. Nah, it's probably good for you.


BUGS said...

the cookie dough variety, however, is high in saturated fat. maybe the fact that it's high in dietary fiber makes up for that, but still! i'll stick to lactaid by breyers - natural vanilla bean LOADED ON TOP with rainbow sprinkles + trader joe's semi-sweet chocolate chips. just had like 4 heaping spoonfuls of it (big spoonfuls)

Your escalator operator said...

What!?! Lactaid by Breyers? Is that a real thing, or do you just take lactaid and eat Breyers.

Christ, that sounds good. I can't picture you eating that much ice cream.

Dietary fiber=tasty.

bugs said...

lactose free vanilla bean by breyers. it's YUMMY. where have you been?!
and it wasn't just good. it was divine. i eat it almost every night - sometimes with marshmallows too. mmmmmm. maybe i'll have some right now as my post workout snack.
kind of negates the workout, though, huh?!

JBhumitra said...

ice cream with marshmallows! i have never tried this...i MUST try this!