June 13, 2008

Airway robbery

Wonder if anyone at USAirways considered whether, by deciding to charge passengers for water and sodabeverages, they'll actually lose $679 per passenger -- that's the sound of me booking my next flight on JetBlue or Southwest or Virgin or one of those airlines that doesn't suck rocks -- instead of making the $2 they want people to pay.

Guess not. This kind of thinking should definitely help them stay in the black. And having to pay an additional $25 booking fee (in addition to existing charges) for domestic rewards reservations? Hmm. It's almost like you're not getting a free flight anymore. By the time you pay your booking fees, $15 for checking a bag (or $40 if you're checking two bags), buy your bloody Mary and a bottle of water, you've gotta be shelling approximately what a full-fare flight used to cost.

See you on Amtrak.


Loree said...

I hate, hate, hate US Airways. I'd say, without exaaggerating, probably 80 percent of the time that I've flown them--usually because they're the cheapest--something has gone wrong. Usually a really long flight delay that causes me to miss my connection.

bugs said...

you'll now get to see the lovely u.s.a. on your trips east, though, on amtrak. that's pretty cool.

bugs said...

funniest thing, too...just saw on CNN (a million times, as you know the news is just repeated over and over and over and over) that AMTRAK had to cancel a bunch of its routes b/c of flooding. so, i guess you're just stuck by the beach in sunny western united states and will never travel back east. boo hoo. i'll get to be #1 kid forever now!