April 17, 2008

Recruit, redux

I promised, oh about two months ago, to keep you posted on the strange story of Kevin Hart, a 290-pound (or maybe 300-pound) high school football player from Nevada, who held a press conference to announce he was going to play football at the University of California.

The original post is here, but to make a strange story short: He made the announcement, Cal said it had never recruited him, and Hart said he must have been duped.

I'm about 10 weeks late in following up -- guess I should have checked the news coverage the day after the original story broke. That's when Hart admitted he made the whole thing up, because, as he told the AP, he wanted to play Division I football "more than anything."

Gotta give him credit for putting one over on the coaches and administrators, not to mention the media goons who showed up for the shindig without bothering to call the universities he said had been recruiting him. Sounds like young Kevin is one of those future college students who will -- to quote those annoying NCAA TV ads -- turn pro in something other than sports.

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