April 9, 2008

CBS, as in Can't Be Serious

CNN is a super place to get your news if you need wall-to-wall coverage every time a random twentysomething celeb is getting arrested for DUI or a weather disaster strikes a trailer park -- or if you like breezy five-second analyses of important issues that might actually impact your life. Oh, and if you like annoying sound effects while John King plays with touchscreen election maps.

So it's ... what's the opposite of super? ... not super to hear that CBS News is considering outsourcing some of its news gathering operation to CNN. It's like hearing that Tony Bennett is considering outsourcing some of his singing to Michael Bolton. Yes, Tony's been around for a while, and he's not as mainstream as he was back when, but the result would be so disheartening.

Sounds like some people need to watch Good Night, and Good Luck for a little inspiration.

There's a difference between TV journalism and TV coverage. Let's hope CBS keeps its business in house.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

A very interesting post from our EO today since I thought it was common knowledge to all that every other week the EO takes off doing the postings and hands it off to a 62 year old retired librarian from Sheboygan, Wisconsin named Edna.

Anonymous said...

And, don't forget, CNN is SO DARN REPETITIVE, that I watch the same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again throughout the day. I realize that most other people do other things than sit on their tushies during the day - but not me. I watch CNN repeat itself every 15 minutes. FABULOUS STUFF.

JBhumitra said...

this is why i never got into tv news. so sensational. i really hate it. you always have to sit through uninteresting, gory, sketchy, creepy or other such stories about car chases, serial killers, pedophiles - gives me nightmares. that is why i am and always will be totally devoted to print. online mostly because it is better for the environment, but print nonetheless. you can pick and choose what you think is relevant and important. the nytimes health page is my favorite site. maybe tied with perezhilton. it's a close race.