April 9, 2008


Another sports post that nobody else will care about, but I'm putting this up for later -- in a few months, it will be a happy reminder of good times.

It's more than one week into the 2008 baseball season, and the team with the best record in the American League is...

Not the Red Sox.
Not the Yankees.
Not the Tigers.
And not even the Southern California Angels of Greater Los Angeles or Possibly Anaheim.

Nope. It's the Baltimore freakin' Orioles. That's right, baby. The 6-1 Baltimore Orioles. The same team that finished 2007 so far out of first place that when the newspapers printed the daily standings, they were almost off of the page. Told that the O's six-game winning streak matched their longest streak in 2007, one of the Orioles players asked, "We won six games in a row last year?" I was surprised, too.

The latest win was an 8-1 victory over the Texas Rangers, the team that must have collapsed from exhaustion after one game against the Orioles last year, because they spent so much energy rounding the bases and scoring 30 runs -- yes, 30 as in three-zero, and yes, that was one single game.

Incredible as it may be, the standings as of this morning look like this:

Too good to last? Maybe. Still 155 games left? I know. But for this week, anyway, it's like 1983 all over again.


"Highland Park" Attorney said...

My dear friend, I have noticed this (despite being an NL guy) and cheered every morning as I open the sports page. Now if we could just send the entire AL East on monthly road trips to Japan for the whole season we will be all set.

Your escalator operator said...

Oooh, I agree! Great idea! Let's get that set up.

Anonymous said...

go o's! go o's! go o's! we have to keep it up for the team's #1 fan, with whom i have the pleasure of living.

JBhumitra said...

i like the orioles because they keep a clean stadium.

Your escalator operator said...

Ha! I like that. The last few years, that was just about the best thing they had going for them.