April 4, 2008

John McCain, rabble-rousing stud muffin

It's one thing to connect with the electorate by reminding us that despite your bona fides as a military hero, you're not perfect. You got in trouble in school. Raised a little hell. (See my previous post.)

It's another thing to take every possible opportunity to share all of the gory details -- and do so with great pride -- of your years of being a drunken man-slut.

What's even better about these revelations of John McCain's hard-partying youth is that his campaign advisers think they're, well, on strategy. His media adviser tells Time that this is a good way to "appeal to young people." Right. Youngsters love hearing stories about senior citizens getting sloshed and whoring it up. Makes them seem so ... much... yeeeeeccccchhhhhh.

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