April 24, 2008

All the news that's fit to wear

I think I just threw up a little bit.

Clicked over to CNN and noticed these little t-shirt icons next to some of today's top headlines. (Atop the list for the moment: The incredibly important and impactful news of Wesley Snipes' tax evasion conviction.)

T-shirt icons? What could it mean?

One of the t-shirt-accompanied headlines caught my eye. Clearly I was struck by its potential for journalistic excellence. The headline read -- I kid you not -- "176-lb beauty squashes stereotypes."

Frightened but curious, I clicked on the t-shirt. Just as I feared, I landed on a page that -- again, I kid you not -- offered for sale black, white and grey t-shirts emblazoned with that very headline. That's right, it's irrelevant news you can wear!

Is someone at CNN world headquarters sitting there thinking that Zazzle and Busted Tees are eating into their revenues -- that strange headlines on sportswear is going to save the news business? I'm at a loss here. Edward R. Murrow, come back!


Anonymous said...

i don't even understand what the 176-lb reference is to, but the fact that you now added a link to it on your blog will just give that website more activity - nice going.

Laura said...

I just can't wait for the next bad political pun in a headline. Size Medium, grey, V neck. Thank you very much!