April 10, 2008

Like Delmarpa, but different

If you've read any past posts, you know I'm a big fan of The New York Times.

That's mostly because it's one of the best-written, best-edited papers there is. (And, as my college newspaper editor used to point out, it doesn't come with coupons or the funny pages, so it must be pretty serious about the news.) Usually the top-notch editing applies to the Times web site, too. But I found a funny mistake yesterday in a Q&A with the Times travel editor.

Responding to a question from a reader, the editor mentioned the Delmarva Peninsula, which he described as, "that jut of land made up of portions of three states (Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania)...."

Well, that's close. As the great Meat Loaf once sang: Two out of three ain't bad. Problem is, the "-va" in Delmarva comes from Virginia, which should have been a hint that the Old Dominion State, not Pennsylvania, is the third state that makes up the peninsula.

Being the editor pest I am, I actually emailed the Times yesterday to let them know. The mistake was fixed when I checked the page this morning.

BTW, geography errors aside, the piece is kind of an interesting read if you're looking for vacation ideas. But it sorta seems like a travel editor could check a map for that kind of thing, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

Didn't they give you credit for noticing the mistake?! YOU TOTALLY should get credit. I'm all about that!
xo, sis