January 5, 2010

Grill burger

As I wrote in my very first blog post - two years and two days ago - a major reason that I started SFTC was that I was constantly posting comments on World's Best Burger, a blog authored by the witty and creative duo of Loree and Laura. So fervent was my commenting that I started to feel like a moderately deranged fan/stalker, and I was pretty sure that if I didn't just get my own damn blog, they were going to banish me from theirs forever.

So you can imagine my great joy when - after letting WBB lie dormant for most of 2009 - L&L announced plans to revive WBB. And then it got better. They invited me to be a WBB contributor! It was like being a kid who grew up watching the Orioles (which I did) and getting an invitation to play catch with Cal Ripken (which I haven't). In other words: Big time.

So I hope you'll go check out my very first post on World's Best Burger, the blog that got me into this whole blogging mess in the first place. It'll be worth your while - I'm offering up tips for saving big bucks on a propane grill.


bugs said...

great post.
alternatively, you can go to homedepot.com via ebates or fatwallet, get free shipping, money back, use online coupons, etc. get it almost for free!
no obnoxious annoying old stupid whatever people to deal with!

Your escalator operator said...

I actually thought of those things, but the amount back from FW or ebates is so low that it's canceled out by the shipping or delivery charges or whatever.

bugs said...

you think i actually ever pay for shipping?!
anyway, more entertaining to be surrounded by stupid, annoying people, i guess.