January 20, 2010

Shine, the weather's fine

In the past two days, I've received emails and texts from East Coast friends, hoping to make sure I was OK. Well-meaning relatives have called to express their concern. My sister asked if I was thinking about moving back home. A colleague offered to cancel our lunch meeting yesterday so I wouldn't be put out by having to walk outside.

No, I'm not sick.

It is - as you might have heard on national newscasts - raining in Los Angeles.

"When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads"

In all seriousness, there are going to be real problems caused by the rain - mudslides and erosion and stuff like that - and there have been tornado warnings within a hundred miles of where I'm sitting. And apparently it hailed for a minute yesterday. But you would think that it's armageddon, the way the natives are reacting to this weather. (Also, you would think that more people would understand that hooded cotton sweatshirts don't really protect you from getting wet, even when the hood is in the upright position.)

But for the most part, it's rain.

So I just want to assure those of you west of San Bernardino that, yes, I am OK. Although if you want to send hot chocolate, feel free.


bugs said...

if you moved east, i wouldn't have to send hot chocolate. i could just deliver it. with marshmallows. i could even have my kids deliver it. think about it.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

East Coast = snow, blizzards, avalanche, ice storms, hellish driving conditions...

Daddy Geek Boy said...


That's it...I've officially lived in LA for too long.

Daddy Geek Boy said...

But seriously, it seems like the entire country is whipped up into some sort of weather frenzy about us. I'm flattered and all for the attention, but it ain't like we have frozen lizards falling out of trees like they do in Florida.

ZenMom said...

I'm pretty sure that 4 consecutive days of rain in So Cal is a sign of the pockyclypse.

bugs said...

WVW - avalanche?! hellish driving conditions?! seriously?!
there may be hellish drivers, but the conditions are what they are. i bet in l.a., with the rain, there are hellish driving conditions, as the roads are flooded.

also, i'd take snow any time over an earthquake!

sorry about the rain. it's been sunny & beautiful on the east coast all week!

"Highland Park" Attorney said...

Glad I could help......but it would be easier to monitor your weather emergencies for you if you were on the East Coast like Bugs suggests!!!